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PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

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The Yu Chun Keung Medical Library, formerly the Lee Hysan Medical Library, is named in memory of the late Mr Yu Chun Keung for his generous donation and support. Completed in January 2002, it is designed as a state-of-the-art facility in the Faculty of Medicine

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PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

位置: 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD

Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory’s oldest institute of higher learning and also an internationally recognized, research led, comprehensive university.

PubMed PMID: 18532946. Zhang X, Yeung DC, Karpisek M, Stejskal D, Zhou ZG, Liu F, Wong RL, Chow WS, Tso AW, Lam KS, Xu A. Serum FGF21 levels are increased in obesity and are independently associated with the metabolic syndrome in humans.

Engineering in the UK. My working track records in biomedical research since 1998 can be traced by publications via the HKU Scholar hub, PubMed and Google Scholar. I am appointed as a full time lecture in Biochemistry since August 2010, my

Hong Kong Rheumatololgy Society research fund (2014): Quantitative assessment of the Ankylosing Spondylitis severity by using Diffusion Weighted Imaging in 3T magnetic resonance imaging. (HK$80,000) HKU Seed Fund for Basic Research (2018): To assess

The poor dietary habits were also associated with the generation of fatty acid oxygenated products via free radicals/ROS, which promoted inflammation and further increased the risk factors for AMD

HKU Strategic Research Areas – Reproduction and Development” Best Research Output Award 2nd Prize: Lee CL, Chiu PC*, Pang PC, Chu IK, Lee KF, Koistinen R, Koistinen H, Seppälä M, Morris HR, Tissot B, Panico M, Dell A, Yeung WS (2011).

Research Interests My research interests include basic, clinical and translational cancer research in gynaecology oncology. My basic research interests have focus on the characterization of putative oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, as well as their

Journal of Cellular Physiology 211:638-648 [Pubmed abstract] Lui WY, Sze KL, Lee WM (2006) Nectin-2 expression in testicular cells is controlled via the functional cooperation between transcription factors of the Sp1, CREB, and AP-1 families. Journal of ]

Clinical Associate Professor Honorary Consultant, Queen Mary Hospital Honorary Consultant, Grantham Hospital Honorary Consultant, Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital Deputy Chief of Service, Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital

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These publications were cross-checked in WoS, PubMed and publisher websites to identify the assigned document type labels. Out of the 400 Scopus ‘articles’, 117 were reviews (29.3%). The official web-sites of publishers had 16.0% incidence of mislabelled

Author: Andy Wai Kan Yeung

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My research interest is on the mechanisms of inflammation, hypoxia and oxidative stress in the liver. Currently, my work concentrates on the role of antioxidants from medicinal herbs, phytochemical agents and multi-functional drugs (M30) on inflammation and

From the societal perspective, the results were similar and the ICER was USD$1,195 per QALY gained for home-based HD over PD. Both ICERs fell within the acceptable thresholds. Changes in model parameters via sensitivity analyses had a minimal impact on

Biological links in Periodontitis and Rheumatoid arthritis: discovery via text-mining PubMed abstracts Authors Acharya, A Li, S Liu, X Pelekos, G Ziebolz, D Mattheos, N

Author: Aneesha Acharya, Simin Li, Xiangqiong Liu, George Pelekos, Dirk Ziebolz, Nikos Mattheos

Homepage of the Department of Pathology at the University of Hong Kong Professor NG Oi Lin Irene | [email protected] Loke Yew Professor in Pathology Chair Professor of Pathology Director, State Key Laboratory of Liver Research (HKU) MBBS HK, MD HK, PhD HK, FRCPath, FHKCPath, FHKAM (Pathology), FAASLD

Total Synthesis of Daptomycin by Cyclization via a Chemoselective Serine Ligation Authors LAM, HY Zhang, Y Liu, H XU, J Wong, CTT XU, C Li, XC Issue Date 2013 Citation Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, v. 135, p. 6272-6279 How to Cite?

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Abstract Aims: To evaluate Hong Kong dental students’ perceived awareness, preparedness and barriers towards managing tobacco-using patients. Methods: A validated questionnaire was administered to dental students who were in their clinical years (the third

Research interests Molecular and cellular biology Disease modeling Neural crest cells (NCCs) are highly migratory stem cells, which give rise to the entire peripheral nervous system (PNS), smooth muscle of major blood vessels, cartilage and bone of the face

Shaw JL, Oliver E, Lee KF, Entrican G, Jabbour HN, Critchley HO, Horne AW. Cotinine exposure increases Fallopian tube PROKR1 expression via nicotinic AChRalpha-7: a potential mechanism explaining the link between smoking and tubal ectopic pregnancy

MEGAHIT: An ultra-fast single-node solution for large and complex metagenomics assembly via succinct de Bruijn graph Bioinformatics. MICA: A fast short-read aligner that takes full advantage of Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (MIC) [SourceForge]

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Leung CO, Deng W, Ye TM, Ngan HYS, Tsao SW, Cheung ANY, Pang RTK and Yeung WSB. miR-135a leads to cervical cancer cell transformation through regulation of β-catenin via a SIAH1-dependent ubiquitin proteosomal pathway. Carcinogenesis 2014 Sep


Acts via MYD88 and TRAF6, leading to NF-kappa-B activation, cytokine secretion and the inflammatory response. May also activate immune cells and promote apoptosis in response to the lipid moiety of lipoproteins (PubMed:10426995, PubMed:10426996).

Wu CG, Zhang JC, Xie CQ, Parolini O, Silini A, Huang YZ, Lian B, Zhang M, Huang YC, Deng L, In vivo tracking of human placenta derived mesenchymal stem cells in nude mice via ¹⠴C-TdR labeling., BMC Biotechnol. 2015;15:55 Link to PubMed (PMID

Roberto BRUZZONE, Co-Director MD (Rome, Italy) Co-Director of HKU-Pasteur Research Pole Visiting Professor Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences Baulac S, Huberfeld G, Gourfinkel-An I, Mitropoulou G, Beranger A, Prud’homme JF, Baulac M, Brice A, Bruzzone R, LeGuern E (2001) First genetic evidence of GABAA receptor implication in epilepsy: a mutation in the 2 subunit gene (GABRG2).

Suggested Book List For those marked with an asterisk “*”, you may just borrow or photocopy the book, just mainly because you will only use part of those books for just 1 or 2 course(s) A. Medical Dictionary for reference – DORLAND’S MEDICAL DICTIONARY B


30/7/2013 · Roughly one half of Hong Kong’s preschool children show signs of tooth decay (dental caries) and nearly all of these children have untreated decay, a team of HKU dentists has reported in the journal BMC Public Health.

Dr Chinmoy Sarkar is an Assistant Professor of GIS, Urban Health and Environment at The University of Hong Kong. His research interest lies in the interdisciplinary domains of urban epidemiology, healthy city science, geospatial modelling, active transport, complex adaptive systems, urban and regional planning, and application of smart technologies in urban science. Dr Sarkar is []

During the past 20 years, Dr Wang and the team members have carried out extensive original discoveries of novel biomarkers associated with obesity and related medical complications. A number of protein biomarkers are proved to be of diagnostic and therapeutic

ITGAV:ITGB3 binds to IL1B and this binding is essential for IL1B signaling (PubMed:29030430). ITGAV:ITGB3 binds to PLA2G2A via a site (site 2) which is distinct from the classical ligand-binding site (site 1) and this induces integrin conformational changes and

“A Study of Suicide Risk Using a Cox Cure Model via a Retrospective Sampling and Multiple Imputation”. Y. Xu, K.F. Lam, F. Zhou, P.S.F. Yip & R. Watson. Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, 41, 2012, pp 3389-3402. “Analysis of Clustered