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News STPI Director General Accompanied the Minister to the US Initiating the LEAP Program 【2017-04-13】 To encourage young Taiwanese talents to stay connected with global technological developments, Joung Yuh-Jzer,

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Dr. Yuh-Jzer Joung of STPI (right) and Caroline Winnett, the CEO of SkyDeck During the trip, the group co-organized a forum with the Ministry of Science and Technology targeting those who joined UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program.

NARLabs offers solutions to future problems that a society may face and prompts innovative research to go beyond laboratories with an aim of becoming a supportive force for human life and a

國研院科政中心,STPI,科技政策研究與資訊中心,NARL,財團法人國家實驗研究院科技政策研究與資訊中心 說明 為協助國內各界人士獲取研究參考資料,本中心與國內、外主要資料單位建立資訊流通管道,提供期刊論文、會議論文、研究報告、博碩士論文等全文資料。

Our project team is to create a competitive advantage for the academic and research libraries by acquiring electronic information, providing interlibrary loan and document services, and promoting the scholarly resources in order to meet the teaching, learning and

The visit to Singapore arranged by STPI from June 6 to July 6 was intended to observe how Singapore’s start-up ecosystem tests the accelerator theory and adjusts itself. The visit of 20 tech start-up groups to Singapore to participate in the largest forum and exhibition for start-ups in Southeast Asia was co-organized by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) and related projects.

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透過參與博士創新之星LEAP計畫的海外高科技企業,一年的實習機會將連結世界新創領域的脈動, 提供您未來投入國內產業或學研界,更具前瞻性的視野與能力。 研習期間學員除專業研習外,更能在國際新創聚落落實社群交流,協助您發掘自己全方位的潛能、提升競爭力, 再造人生新巔峰。

Scientific development affects the direction and trend of the future world. By integrating the technologies, talents and resources of 8 national laboratories, National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) not only enables Taiwan’s scientists to exchange innovative

In October 2019, as a part of the “Future 2030” plan, the Assistant Researcher of STPI, Dr. Yeh Wei-lih, went on a visiting trip to Singapore to exchange ideas with local think tanks, scholars, research institutes, government agencies and businessmen.

The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of NARLabs aims to support the government’s technology policy-making and address social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy. Functioning as the main

In the future, STPI will continue to follow-up research on social issues, and provide government agencies with the results as a reference for policy-making. Dr. Wang Yeong-Her (left), the President of NARLabs, and Dr. Joung Yuh-Jzer, the Director-General of

The entrepreneurship-training program supervised by the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) joined hands with

STPI Helps Open up the Dutch Medical Device Market The STPI recruited six competent and ambitious medical device teams to participate in the Regional A 2019/12/24 Innovation Week 2019 Builds up Global Network RISE Innovation Week government 1

STPI is also contracted by the Intellectual Property Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs for various research projects. In these projects STPI conducts thematic analysis on dynamic competition of patents for developing domains in Taiwan.



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中心編號:STPI-D-R-OT-100-1 頁數:216 頁 摘要 服務行業幾乎占所有發達國家GDP組成的大部分,且服務涉及的領域越來越廣,範圍從有效運用最新科技,增進服務效益,提升客戶滿意度,全方位服務等商業 層面的關注,或應用科學技術、服務管理、科技

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美國政府績效評估制度與科技計畫評估研究 出版日期:2013-05 發行單位:財團法人國家實驗研究院 編印單位:科技政策研究與資訊中心 語文:中文 定價:NT$500 元 ISBN:978-957-619-163-3 中心編號:STPI-D-R-PR-101-1 頁數:123 頁 摘要 美國政府績效

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科學計量,人才培育,專利資訊,創新系統,科研投入,績效評估,科技政策,資源分配,研究前沿,創新生態,前瞻,Research Portal 國家創新系統技術移轉評估模型 國家創新系統的核心概念為技術上的改變,會影響一國經濟上的表現及國家整體競爭力的發展。

STB計畫辦公室 電話:(02)2737-7281;EMAIL:[email protected] 活動報名注意事項 Notice 財團法人國家實驗研究院科技政策研究與資訊中心

全球經營顧問企業-AT Kearney發表了2015年全球電子商務產業指數,其中韓國僅居第7位相較2013年的排名下滑了2名,對此,韓國政府認為排名衰退與線上交易的支付機制、流程過於繁瑣有極大的關聯性。因此,積極研擬簡化支付流程的可能性,現階段打算利用生物科技如指紋、虹膜辨識等去簡化支付

生物分子馬達專利地圖及分析 全球奈米技術專利趨勢分析:國家、機構與技術領域 Longitudinal Patent Analysis for Nanoscale Science and Engineering: Country, Institution and Technology Field 亞洲國家之專利技術觀測報告: 專利活動與流動分析 Patent Trend Ayalysis of Asian

TIRI of NARLabs Lends a Hand to Wind Energy Industry in Taiwan with its Remote Sensing Optoelectronic Instrument Technology 2019-12-10 FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Neutral Atmosphere Provisional Data Release 2019-11-28 Connecting to Europe, Sailing to

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Assistant Researcher at NarLabs STPI 國家實驗研究院科政中心 台灣 台北市 66 位聯絡人 加入即可建立關係 NarLabs STPI 國家實驗研究院科政中心 國立中山大學 檢舉檔案 關於 Phyllis Wei-lih Yeh is an assistant researcher in policy research division of STPI

職稱: Assistant Researcher at NarLabs

醫療照護產業為行政院於98年所推行的六大新興產業之一,預計於四年內投入新台幣約595.59億元,強調醫療體系的完備性,進而活化國內相關的產業環境。本專題資料係取自政府研究資訊系統(Government Research Bulletin, GRB)中,政府於93-104年間所投入與醫療

網站介紹: 科技政策研究與資訊中心(STPI)自2014年建置「科技政策觀點(Research Portal)」網站,以多元議題為導向,藉由研究人員詮釋資料、帶動議題探討的能力,透過資源加值與轉化,呈現予關心科技政策的大眾。我們希望藉此讓大家瞭解臺灣的科技走在何處,世界上的

關於研究計畫專題式服務系統 本項服務係為因應政府推動之六大新興產業(生物科技、觀光旅遊、綠色能源、醫療照護、精緻農業及文化創意)與各界關注之重點議題,利用主題分類的作法,將研究計畫與研究報告以階層式展開的形態將儲存於GRB資料庫中的靜態資料予以呈現,以提供更多元化的資訊

CONCERT is a consortium of 200 members which 94% of them are universities and colleges. CONCERT members benefit greatly by CONCERT services such as price negotiation, contracts review, continuing education and consulting services. On the other hand



生醫產業為高度知識密集與資本密集型產業,隨著科技的發展及精密儀器設備的使用,帶動醫療技術的精進,加速生醫產業技術與產品開發。 地址:(10636)台北市和平東路二段106號14~15樓 / 電話:02-27377646 / 傳真:02-27377669 ©財團法人國家實驗研究院科技

首頁 市場報導 STPI 於經濟日報 經濟日報:智慧機權利金占售價三成 瀏覽次數: 3138 | 歡迎推文: 科技產業資訊室 – 林品華 發表於 2015年8月10日

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Aug.2013 2 0 1 2 國家實驗研究院 Institute NARLabs Annual Report NSPO NDL NCHC NLAC I CIC NCDR NCREE ITRC TTFRI Annual Report 2012 ITRC NCDR NCHC NCREE NDL NLAC CIC TORI STPI TTFRI NSPO 2012 Annual Report National Applied Research

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STPI ORI NSPO CIC C CREE LAC NARL Annual Report 1 2011 Contents Establish R&D platforms.Support academic resear ch.Promote frontier science and technolo gy.Foster high-tech manpower NARL History Our Laboratories Message from the

7/8/2019 · 提供STPI報到平台管理 关注互联网、创业、技术。每天推送5篇高质量英文文章。坚持每天阅读,每天进步一点点。湾区日报

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STPI ORI NSPO CIC C CREE LAC 1 沿革/目錄 2011目錄 建構研發平台.支援學術研究.推動前瞻科技.培育科技人才 國研院沿革 本院各實驗研究單位 董事長的話 02 院長的話 03

目前hands-on課程報名已額滿,但少數人因故取消而釋出名額。 上述名額將於2019/11/06(三) 中午12:00統一釋出給還沒報名的Fun Cup

Download STPI活動小助理 apk 1.0.88 for Android. Provide STPI event information EN English Português Español P усский العربية 中文(简体) 中文(繁體) ह न द Indonesia Italiano Nederlands 日本語 Polski Deutsch Tiếng Việt Français Türkiye 한국어

STPI Policy Outlook 科技發展觀測平台 : 2018年印尼農業政策之概述(An Overview of Indonesia’s Agricultural Policies in 2018)(2018/10/15) STPI Policy Outlook 科技發展觀測平台 : 逢甲大學、中興大學合作生質能源技術解決印尼災民缺電問題(2018/08/16)

卡通 哆 啦 A 夢與大雄生動有趣的對話情境,正是未來 人工智慧( AI )想要達到機器與人類互動的目標。 為了讓機器擁有語言能力,AI 就需要進行從容易到複雜的多樣化語言訓練,但是理解語言需要具備詞彙、語意及語法結構等知識,再加上中文有同音異義的詞語混淆或辨識困難。

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The Einstein Progra Eligibility Researchers who are under 32 years old with doctor- ate degrees, or under 35 years old and obtained a doctorate degree within last 3 years. Applicants must either be currently employed by a university in Taiwan or be employed by a