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Black Adam is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, the character is a archenemy of Shazam, also known as Captain Marvel, and the nemesis of the Marvel/Shazam Family. Black Adam first appeared as a one-time villain for the first issue of Fawcett Comics’ The

Created by: Otto Binder, C. C. Beck

Black Adam is a super-villain and sometimes anti-hero originally written as the evil counterpart to Captain Marvel, an ancient Egyptian prince who was given incredible powers by the wizard Shazam and survived into the modern era. His legacy would eventually

Now labeled Black Adam, he was exiled by Shazam, but returned in the modern day. A frequent enemy to Earth’s heroes, Black Adam believes he is the right person to lead humanity and any action he takes is necessary for the greater good. For more on Black


22/12/2021 · Black Adam gets his powers, like Captain Marvel, by saying the word “Shazam!” Nowadays they both share the same entities that make up this name (Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury), but early in comic history, Adam would get hisS was

演員: Dwayne Johnson

7/2/2020 · Black Adam is an upcoming 2021 superhero film, based on the DC Comics anti-hero of the same name. The film will serve as a prequel to Shazam! and it will be the twelfth installment in the DC Extended Universe. It is scheduled for release on December 22, 2021.


11/3/2019 · Black Adam se ha consolidado como uno de los supervillanos más peligrosos pertenecientes al Universo de DC Comics, ya que no hay ningún héroe que lo haya superado, ni siquiera el mismísimo

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Black Adam is the former champion of Shazam. After his fall from grace, he became the archenemy of the next champion, Captain Marvel. He has since worked to redeem himself with the Justice Society of America, but his path is long and troubled. Circa 1200 BC

而當提及「超級英雄」後,Kelly Clarkson似乎不了解狄維莊遜早已接下DC電影《Black Adam》作為主演的消息,她提到自己十分希望狄維莊遜成為一名超級英雄,因為自己很喜歡超級英雄電影也很愛他,但這時狄維莊遜同樣沒有談及《Black Adam》,反而

Black Adam es un supervillano ficticio y un antihéroe ocasional que aparece en los cómics estadounidenses publicados por DC Comics. Creado por Otto Binder y C. C. Beck, el personaje es el archienemigo del superhéroe Shazam, también conocido como Capitán Marvel. Black Adam apareció por primera vez como un villano para el primer número

Creador(es): Otto Binder, Clarence Charles Beck

Black Adam says they’re connection to the living lightning also binds them as the ties of a family would and he can transfer his power to him by speaking the magic word, as Adam demands billy

黑亞當(英語:Black Adam)是一名DC漫畫旗下的虛構超級反派兼偶爾的反英雄,由奧托·班德(英語:Otto Binder)和C·C·貝克(英語:C. C. Beck)創作。該角為沙贊(前稱驚奇隊長)的大反派。黑亞當首次登場於福西特漫畫的《驚奇家族(英語:Marvel Family)》#1(1945

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3/1/2020 · Black Adam movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson confirmed to premiere December 2021. What is everything we know about this Black Adam movie, its connections to

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《Black Adam》最快有機會於 2022 年上映!DC 年度英雄大作《Shazam!》上映至今成功累積 3.6 億的傑出票房,繼《Aquaman》之後 DC 成功再次推出一部個人英雄電影,並獲得極佳口碑,也讓 DC 確定發展《Shazam》續集;未來更將有新任小丑 Joaquin


2/8/2019 · Dwayne Johnson 主演 DC 英雄電影《Black Adam》開拍日期搶先公開: 《Black Adam》最快有機會於 2022 年上映! DC 年度英雄大作《Shazam!》 上映至今成功累積 3.6

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New Line’s Black Adam movie is reportedly searching for an actor to play the winged DC hero Hawkman to go toe-to-toe with Dwayne Johnson. Created by Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan, Atom Smasher debuted in 1983 in All-Star Squadron #25 as Nuklon, Atom Smasher is the godson of the original Atom, Al Pratt.

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7/2/2020 · Black Adam is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Black Adam has the same hairpiece as Bruce Wayne. He has a black muscular torso with a yellow belt and his lightning emblem.

Black Adam, a formerly one-dimensional villain, has become one of DC Comics’ most complicated characters. Like many characters who first appeared in the Golden Age of Comic Books, Black Adam was initially a one-note, one-dimensional villain. Lacking in any

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Black Adam est un personnage fictif de DC Comics créé en 1945 par Otto Binder et C. C. Beck comme une version maléfique du super-héros Shazam. Sa personnalité a évolué au fil des années et aujourd’hui, elle oscille entre le bien et le mal.

Famille: Isis (Adrianna Tomaz) (femme

Black Adam eroberte in seinem Größenwahn das Land Khandaq, sein altes Heimatland, um seiner das Andenken seiner Familie zu ehren. Man kann sich vorstellen wie eine “Eroberung” von statten geht, wenn sie von einem verwirrten Superwesen mit den

日前The Rock終於打破沉默,在其社交媒體上發佈首張黑阿當的造型照,猶如沙贊的閃電標誌與披肩,不過卻是如漫畫裡的黑黃配色,渾身散發一股毀天滅地的殺氣!The Rock亦同步宣佈,《Black Adam》將於2021年12月22日上畫,緊接《自殺特攻2》成為第三部於2021年上畫的DC電影!

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15/11/2019 · 巨石強森 Dwayne Johnson 公開 DC 反英雄電影《Black Adam》首張概念劇照: 定檔 2021 年底正式上映! 幫助我們為您提供更好的服務 我們感謝你允許在

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Black Adam, il cui vero nome è Theo-Adam o Teth Adam, è un personaggio immaginario dei fumetti pubblicati negli Stati Uniti d’America dalla DC Comics; è uno degli avversari più potenti della Famiglia Marvel, è un guerriero egiziano potenziato dal Mago Shazam e, originariamente pensato per comparire in una sola storia, divenne un nemico abituale dopo che la DC Comics cominciò a pubblicare

Autori: Otto Binder, C. C. Beck

Black Adam is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics supervillain and Shazam’s archenemy Black Adam. It will be the twelfth installment in the DC Comics’ Extended Universe and is scheduled for release on December 22, 2021. Behind the

今次搵嚟本身人氣、觀眾緣及票房揹飛能力都極高嘅「The Rock」Dwayne Johnson做Black Adam一角,可見電影公司野心幾大,想將Black Adam打製成另一個「超人」!Black Adam身世喺DC漫畫中改寫過幾次,不過點改都同沙贊有密切關係。

Black Adam: Khem-Adam Level 70 Stats with Gear 11 Icon Name Base Value Growth Modifier Growth Modifier x70 Gear bonus Total Mystical Cost: 90 Villain Strength 346 9.8 686 610 1642 Agility 303 10.1 707 735 1745 Stamina 326 9.5 665 675

DC’s Black Adam Is No Longer A Villain (Thanks To Dwayne Johnson) Black Adam is a major villain in DC Comics, but Dwayne Johnson is already trying to turn him into a true hero ahead of the 2021 solo movie. Dwayne Johnson will finally play DC supervillain Black Adam in 2021 but he’s already beginning to turn him into a hero.

Apr 14, 2019 – Explore javidante’s board “Black Adam”, followed by 4469 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Captain marvel shazam, Comic character and Dc comics art. Black Adam screenshots, images and pictures – Comic Vine Black Adam is a super

14/11/2019 · Can you smell what Dwayne Johnson is cooking for 2021? It’s a “Black Adam” standalone film. Can you smell what Dwayne Johnson is cooking for 2021? It’s a “Black Adam” standalone film.

22/11/2019 · DC’s original superhero team will go up against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in the character’s cinematic debut. Even though Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam isn’t being introduced in a Shazam! movie

The original champion of the Wizard, Black Adam’s disdain for morality and hunger for power were punished with eternal imprisonment within the tomb of Ramesses II. Following his escape, he usurped

15/11/2019 · Black Adam’s place in the larger DC mythos was teased in David F. Sandberg’s film via an early scene where the all-powerful wizard Shazam speaks of a

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The Rock’s long-in-the-works entry in the DC movie universe will be coming to cinemas in December 2021. We’re dreaming of a Black Christmas for 2021. Dwayne Johnson announced on Instagram on Thursday that his long-in-the-works Black Adam film will fly

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27/12/2019 · Dwayne Johnson is set for Black Adam for DC Comics in December 2020. The Shazam antihero likely will crossover with Zachary Levi’s hero in the future. Aaron Paul Enters a

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Before you know it, Shazam! will be hitting theaters everywhere. Just how this catastrophic force will factor in the current DC Universe is a scary thought, indeed. So to help you prepare for his arrival, here are 5 Fast Facts about DC’s Black Adam!

8/6/2019 · Black Adam est un film réalisé par Jaume Collet-Serra avec Dwayne Johnson. Synopsis : Long métrage adapté de DC Comics et consacré à Black Adam, l’ennemi de Shazam. Si

演員: Dwayne Johnson
The Early Days

Now, though, there is finally a production start date for Johnson’s Black Adam movie. In July of 2020, the DC Comics anti-hero will finally be brought to life. “The project has been with me for

Black Adam ein Film von Jaume Collet-Serra mit Dwayne Johnson. Inhaltsangabe: Eigener Film rund um DC-Anti-Held Black Adam (gespielt von Dwayne Johnson)..

演員: Dwayne Johnson

The long-gestating Black Adam movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson finally has a release date: December 21, 2021. Johnson has been discussing his role in this tentative DC Comics adaptation

Black Adam doesn’t appear in the Shazam movie, but he’s headed to the DCEU soon. We have a history of one of DC’s best villains for you. Feature Nov 15, 2019 Black Adam: Release Date Revealed For

Even though there’s still a long wait ahead for Shazam and the Black Adam movie, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about the anti-hero before he appears on the

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Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam is a 2010 short animated superhero film, directed by Joaquim Dos Santos and written by Michael Jelenic, featuring George Newbern and Jerry O’Connell reprising their roles from Justice League Unlimited as Superman and Captain Marvel who cooperate to battle the powerful Black Adam. The film, which was

Directed by: Joaquim Dos Santos