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The YouTube Wiki Welcome to Wikitubia!, COPPA Rules YouTube rolls out changes for COPPA, expects’significant impact’ for creators., Wikitubia Discord Join our Wikitubia Discord to socialize and have fun with other Wikitubians! Welcome! Welcome to Wikitubia! This is an unofficial YouTube wiki run by fans. Wikitubia was founded on September 25, 2006, and currently has 5,690 articles. Before

Ziel des Wiki ist es, eine Übersicht über die großen und kleinen YouTuber, interessante Infos rund um YouTube und Fun-Facts für die Kenner zu bieten. Jeder kann mithelfen und bearbeiten! Um einen Artikel zu erstellen, kannst du dich registrieren.Wenn du dies

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30/5/2016 · La enciclopedia oficial en español dedicada al servidor de vídeos online YouTube. Creada el miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012 por el usuario Lawliet JSP, cuenta con 1.791 artículos dedicados a toda la comunidad de habla hispana y el mundo, información acerca de YouTube

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Bienvenue sur le Wiki YouTube Francophone ! Ce Wiki est une encyclopédie non-officielle créée par des fans concernant la sphère francophone de YouTube ! Aujourd’hui, nous sommes le jeudi 20 février 2020, il y a actuellement 47 personnes actives, 6 administrateurs et 1 032 articles depuis la création du wiki le 8 mars 2014 par Flippy the French4.

Connectez-vous à YouTube pour cliquer sur “J’aime”, ajouter un commentaire et vous abonner. Se connecter Liste de vidéos à visionner File d’attente Liste de vidéos à visionner File d’attente


FANDOM is the fan’s voice in entertainment. A place where fans can discuss, find, and share knowledge on any topic.

「阿寶:人類總要重複同樣的錯誤」為一張潮圖,多用作諷刺膠人和烈士。該截圖出自《機動戰士Z高達》第36集中主角阿寶的其中一句對白。 當有膠事或有人成為烈士時,網民就會貼出此圖,諷刺事主未有汲取前人教訓。 後來亦出現同一截圖的二次創作「你班仆街俾我抖下得唔得呀」。


編輯條目注意事項 香港巴士大典現已實施註冊編輯制度,只限已註冊用戶編輯條目。如欲參與本網編撰工作,請先註冊帳戶。 我們建議新用戶在開始撰寫新條目前先閱讀巴典編輯指南,以了解本典之內容格式及條目命名方式。 社區論壇 香港巴士大典社區討論頁已被全新的社區論壇所取代,所有

The entertainment site where fans come first. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and more. With a new 15th Anniversary Steelbook Collection Blu-ray out, Dante Basco looks back at voicing Zuko and

神魔之塔 Tower of Saviors 攻略資料站 用戶如要協助編輯及留言,請先註冊賬號並登入維基。 進行編輯及留言前,請先到 用戶守則 查閱詳情,以免違規。本站所使用之遊戲圖像版權皆屬原廠商MADHEAD所有 在本維基轉載或任何方式取用本站資料或圖片,須註明出處為︰神魔之塔 繁中維基。

YouTube Founded 14th Feb 2005 Founder(s) Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim Parent Companies Independent (2005-2006), Google (2006-present) YouTube is a website for users who want to put video clips onto the Internet or access videos that are there.

Videos are a great way to showcase information and keep readers engaged on your community! The video embed tool makes it possible to quickly and easily add videos to an article page. Videos can also be included in galleries and most other locations where images are supported. Videos that are under 400px wide will play in the media lightbox.

TTTE Wikia Twitter – The official TTTE Wikia Twitter account. Sodor Island Fansite – One of the ultimate places for Thomas news and updates! Animated Shows (TV-G/TV-Y) Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki!

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Villains Wiki is a wiki about villains in pop culture, video games, comic books, movies, animation and other media, including Magneto, The Joker, and Disney villains. The Villains Wiki is a mirror version to the Heroes Wiki and is dedicated to creating a database of all known villains from all media – ranging from Saturday morning cartoon shows of old to books, video games and comics.

香港(簡稱港,雅稱香江;英語: Hong Kong,縮寫: HK、HKSAR )是中華人民共和國兩個特別行政區之一,位於南海北岸、珠江口東側,北接廣東省 深圳市,西面與鄰近的澳門特別行政區相距63公里,其餘兩面與南海鄰接。 全境由香港島、九龍和新界組成,其中香港島北部最為發達;地理環境上則由

地位: 特別行政區

機智的小魚君 1 個月以前 Fandom x Gamepedia 平台統一計劃

Welcome to the The YouTube Poop Wiki is a super swell wiki about Youtube Poop that anyone but You can edit! We have had 196,986 edits on 2,602 articles since April 8, 2009! Warning: The content of this wiki contains offensive material. Please go if you are

As of January 2010, was ranked #1 in the Chinese Internet video sector according to Internet metrics provider CR-Nielsen, (keeping in mind that YouTube is banned in China). In 2008, Youku partnered with Myspace in China. Later that year, Youku of .

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Youtube是一種可以讓網友們上傳短片的地方,但是有版權問題的影片會被管理員要求刪除,或是網站管理員會自動刪除該有版權問題的影片,該帳號也可能被停用。 參見 PPS, 布

The Meme Wikia is a collaborative encyclopedia aboutyou guessed it, memes, that anyone can edit, and that currently has 1,094 Articles! WARNING: Several pages on this wiki contain inappropriate language/content. Viewer discretion is advised. Help • Terms of

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歡迎您造訪白貓Project WIKI,這裡是一個由熱心的玩家們組成的社區,在這裡您可以查詢您需要的資訊、和其他玩家交流,也可以協助我們補充缺漏的資料。由於技術因素,目前大多頁面於手機版網頁無法完整的顯示,若您是手機用戶,建議您使用瀏覽器的「切換至電腦版」功能以達到最佳的呈現效果。

• 新進內容 • 最近更改 • 總目錄 • 總分類 • 來這留言 •本WIKI相關 哆啦A夢Wiki成立於2006年11月10日,自成立以來,我們已經共同度過了13年! 有任何不了解的地方請閱讀哆啦A夢wiki:指南 哆啦A夢wiki facebook粉絲頁:連結 哆啦A梦wiki官方QQ群:377389041

Roblox YouTube Wiki, home of the Roblox Youtubers. Explore deeper into the community of Roblox Youtube with informative description from all of your favorite video makers. Please read Rules/Help before you start contributing to the Wiki. We currently have 18

Hey! Thanks for checking out my Wikia for my Total Drama Series on YouTube! Feel free to have a look around and learn about every season I’ve made. Be aware, there are SPOILERS everywhere. This is being done by myself and volunteers so please respect our

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform with around 1 Billion active users each month. It has tons of content on it, with pseudo-celebrities called “YouTubers” who upload videos to the site. On YouTube, you can subscribe to creators, which puts you is a hook of youtube allowing to watch youtube videos without adding views, tracking, country restrictions etc. It provides video download too. There are some extensions to automatically redirect youtube links to hooktube links. To watch a youtube

Awsome tony man Very epic lol Hey guys I’m Tony Im tony the cool guy 556 and i like to make some roblox youtube videos for all the audience who like to watch my videos xD :3 thank you for viewing my wiki it means a LOT!!!!! Youtube is a cool carere

Hey, I’m Elexorien, from the YouTube Wikia. I’m posting this to bring attention to the YouTube Wiki and gain more active contributors. Our Wiki contains a multitude of information on your favorite YouTubers and videos. We want people to update pages and create

Welcome to the Disney Channel Wiki 100th DCOM Premiere We’re celebrating Adventures in Babysitting as the 100th DCOM! Bizaardvark Premiere What did you think about the premiere of Bizaardvark? Read more > KC Undercover It’s the top rated kids show!

YouTube celebrities, commonly referred to as YouTubers, are a class of Internet celebrity and videographers who have gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube.The popularity of Roblox has led to some YouTube celebrities focusing their channel on it, and today many of them have become well-known content creators both in the Roblox community and on YouTube itself.

We also recommend the YouTube channel Ultraman Explained, it is a small channel, but it is growing and it is one of the most resourceful places to find Ultra Series informative videos. In fact they use this Wiki as one of their sources! Please check out their videos

The wikia is a collaborative community website that anyone can edit, dedicated to collecting all information related to the platform. Here, you can learn how to develop games and make money (real and virtual), and everything about Roblox’s culture, community ·

The first twelve episodes of Season 3 officially premiered on Netflix on August 1, 2019.As revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 panel, the new Miraculous Zag Chibi series premiered on August 31, 2018, on the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube channel.

Club Penguin Wiki is a Club Penguin knowledge base that anyone can edit! Forum The Club Penguin Wiki has its own forum.There, you may find all sorts of boards, each for a different subject: you may find general discussion, news, technical help, and much more!

Fandom,[a] also known as Wikia (especially before October 2016) and Wikicities before 2006, is a wiki hosting service and domain operated by Fandom, Inc. (formerly known as Wikia, Inc.), a for-profit Delaware company founded in October 2004 by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley. As of 2018, it is headed by Perkins Miller as CEO.[9][10] Fandom uses

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, U.S.