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1/10/2017 · Apple iOS 11 has problems.My iOS 11 upgrade guide warned users to hold off as serious email and battery life issues arose. To its credit, Apple recognised this by rushing out iOS 11.0.1 as a

Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 update fixes several prominent bugs, but its also brought its own collection of problems to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While some iPhone and iPad users

9/7/2018 · iOS 11 brings hundreds of new features to iPhone and iPad including an all new App Store, a more proactive and intelligent Siri, improvements to Camera and Photos, and augmented reality technologies to enable immersive experiences. iOS 11 is also the biggest release for iPad ever and adds powerful new multitasking features, a new Files app and more ways to use Apple Pencil.

測試由 Apple 於 2019 年 5 月,使用支援正常峰值效能、運行 iOS 12.3 及 預覽版 iOS 13 的 iPhone X S,以及運行 iOS 12.3 及預覽版 iPadOS 的 iPad Pro (11 吋),於預量產型 App Store 伺服器環境中,使用重新封裝的第三方 app 進行;app 更新下載檔變小,是

iOS 11.3.1 改進了 iPhone 或 iPad 的安全性並解決了部分 iPhone 8 裝置因為維修時使用了非原廠的替換顯示器,導致觸控輸入變得無法回應的問題。 注意:非原廠的替換顯示器可能會降低影像品質且無法正確運作。Apple 認證螢幕維修由受信任的專家執行,他們會使用原廠 Apple 零件。

iOS 11.4.1 – iOS 11 Problems: How to Fix Them Posted by Gautam Prabhu on Sep 23, 2017 in iOS 11 iOS 11 brings some cool new features like the customizable Control Center, powerful multitasking features for iPad, redesigned App Store, and lots more, but like any major iOS software update, there have been reports of users facing problems with iOS 11 – iOS 11.4.1.

The newest iOS 11.4 or previous iOS 11/11.1/11.2/11.3 updating may bring many unpredictable problems. Luckily this guide will list all iOS 11 issues, and respectively possible solutions. Method 1. Make sure your network be connected all the time. Method 2. Hard

Top 1 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Software Update Failed”Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 11.4, or iOS 11.3, or iOS 11.2/11.1″, or “Software Update Failed. An error occurred instTop 2 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Verifying Update IssueAfter downloading iOS 11 updating files, there will be a verifying update step. But sometimes iDevices would be stuck on this verifying update screTop 3 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Insufficient Space For DownloadThis iOS 11 issue happens more commonly on those devices with 16G, or 32G storage. The most direct solution is to transfer our data and files fromTop 4 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Battery Fast DrainingAlmost every time new iOS updating, users would complaint about the newest iOS consumes power largely and fast. iOS 11 is not an exception, either.Top 5 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Charging IssueAfter upgrading iOS 11, device maybe encounter not recognizing USB, and charging slowly, or even not charging at all.Solution 1. Use an Apple-matchTop 6 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Overheating IssueSome users reported that their iPhone iPad iPod were faced with temperature too high warning – “iPhone iPad iPod needs to cool down before you canTop 7 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Problem: Cellular Data IssuesIf you find your cellular data is strangely slow, or even not working on iPhone 8/X, after updating to iOS 11, you can try the following means.StepTop 8 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Issue: Wi-Fi ProblemsiOS 11 updating sometimes also leads to the abnormal state of Wi-Fi, such as iPhone iPad iPod cannot connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi keeps dropping, Wi-FiTop 9 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Issue: Bluetooth ProblemsJust like Wi-Fi problems, iOS 11 updating may also put in such situations, Bluetooth won’t connect to iPhone/Car, Bluetooth connection drops frequeTop 10 iOS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 Issue: Wallpaper ProblemOccasionally, on iOS 11, the lock screen shows not the set lock screen wallpaper, but the home screen wallpaper. To fix this problem is pretty easy

iOS 11 Update Problem 3: iOS 10 messages/iMessages not working Your Messages or iMessage may get frozen or crashed after updating to iOS 11, so how can you fix Message app not working issue in iOS 11. Fix iOS 11 iMessage problems: 1. Check if you

26/9/2017 · What Is Included In The iOS 11.0.1 Update? Apple did not provide much information in the release notes of iOS 11.0.1. I have written over 20,000 articles about startups, gadgets and large

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3/10/2017 · iOS 11.0.2 is Out to Fix iPhone 8 Problems & iOS 11.0.1 issues Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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iOS 11是蘋果公司於行動作業系統開發的第十一個版本,于2017年6月5日召开的WWDC2017首日公布,是iOS 10的后继版本。正式版於2017年9月20日推出。 iOS 11 新增許多功能,iPad交互變化更是相當大。如通知中心與鎖定畫面合二為一,使得通知可以直接在鎖定畫面中顯示

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必學技 2 : 相機掃 QR Code iOS 11 下,打開相機直接對著 QR Code 二維碼就會掃瞄到,按面圖示可以進入網頁,速度非常快 必學技 3 : 內置熒幕錄影 以往要錄 iPhone / iPad 熒幕動作,要安裝第三方APP。現在於 iOS 11 上打開控制中心,按左下角制便可。

Limited release notes accompanying the iOS 11.0.1 software update say the build “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.” It’s unclear if the iOS 11.0.1 software update will address any reported iOS 11 battery life problems, problems with Outlook and Microsoft email, or other issues encountered with the recent iOS 11 release, but the update is recommended to install

After updating to iOS 12 or iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad, you may notice some problems with the mail app, like mail push notification missing, email won’t send from Outlook and more. Here in this article, we summarize 7 common Apple mail issues as well as

3/10/2017 · Two days ago I updated my Iphone 6 Plus to iOS 11.0.1 and now all my apps are crashing all the time. I have updated all apps but I still got the same problem. I guess I have restarted the phone 10 times today