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rundll32.exe是比较重要的系统进程文件,它是作用于内存上面运行dll文件。一般我们开启了程序的话都需要rundll32.exe的支持。例如以下情况: 1、显卡程序会调用,但显卡进程可以结束,服务也可关闭;2、一些软件程序会调用,如设计软件PS等都会出现这个

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6/6/2014 · Windows host process (Rundll32) high CPU usage Most of the time, the rundll.exe process uses consistently above 80% CPU usage. It slows down everything considerably. It also appears that this process gets executed indefinitely slowing down the whole

“rundll32.exe is a process registered as a backdoor vulnerability which may be installed for malicious purposes by an attacker allowing access to your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. ” This process is a


24/3/2011 · 那rundll32.exe在哪里,在任务管理器能看到吗?我现在打开看不到!而且我玩单机游戏的时候没有联网,不会是rundl132,再请你说明一下这个程序为什么会占到CPU的百分之二十

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21/1/2019 · 欢迎大家有关编程、课程设计、大数据、电脑等方面问题私聊我或者微信(18476275715) 最近刚重装了系统,虽然文件全没了,但重装之后点脑是真的流畅,但流畅了没几天,就发现比重装之前还卡,打开任务管理器一看,晕了,CPU的使用率达到100%,一看有三个名为Windows 主进程(Rundll32)的程序

Windows 10にて、ある日パソコンを起動したまま放置していたらファンが狂ったように回りだして、何かと思ってタスクマネージャーで確認してみたら『Rundll32』ってのがCPUを占有してまし

Disabling the rundll32 host process high CPU usage on windows 7 Open run or go to the search box. Then type msconfig.exe, you will find command column. Go to startup. Just uncheck the box to prevent from starting automatically. Note – the process does not have a startup item sometimes if this happens you have to make some inquiry, to figure out where it was started from.

Fix: Windows Host Process Rundll32 High Disk and Cpu Usage If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is

22/4/2017 · Hi, I found my CPU being used to 50% by rundll32.exe invagent,RunUpdate -noappraiser QwarAFRPWUiri4M6.4 which from Win 7/8 reports appears to be sthg to do with the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Process Explorer seemed no help on this

最近出現的問題(不知道確切時間點) 在開啟遊戲後(例:BF1942,IL-2,MW4) 遊戲並不啟動(卻有出現在工作管理員中),反倒是rundll32.exe啟動並使用約50~90%的CPU使用率 再啟動一次才能進入遊戲畫面,但整體效能低下 退出後rundll32.exe並繼續進行,且CPU使用率


20/10/2012 · 請問最近幾天的晚上12點多(那時候剛好都在打LOL)都會自己跳出一個叫rundll32.exe的處理程序一跳出來就直接吃了50%的CPU看了一下檔案位置是在 c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe作業系統是WIN 7因為那時候在打遊戲怕LAG都直接關了(電腦安全 第1頁)

1/4/2017 · Hello, I have recently discovered that my laptop cooler was going crazy and I didn’t knew why, then I started Task Manager and there it was “Windows host process (Rundll32) eating 30% of the cpu. Notebook specs: Cpu: Intel Core i5 3210m Ram: 8gb ddr3 1600mhz

Windows主进程 rundll32一直占用磁盘、cpu该怎么办?近期使用win10系统的时候小编发现电脑中经常会出现卡顿的现象,打开任务管理器的时候发现了Windows主进程(Rundll32)经常占用系统CPU、磁盘的资源,这个程序是什么进程呢?该如何处理?本文中win



Rundll32.exe의 기능은 입력 기록, 응용 프로그램 감시 그리고 다른 프로그램 조종. 만약 rundll32.exe이 윈도우 임시 폴더의 하위폴더에 위치하면, 보안 등급은 56%

Rundll32.Exe ファイル – メモリ内で.Dll ライブラリに使用される合法的なプロセス

Is a rundll32.exe CPU intensive? Windows process requires three resource types to function properly including CPU, Memory, and Network. CPU cycles to do computational tasks, memory to store information and network to communicate with the required services.

4/9/2012 · 突然发现电脑很卡,发现CUP使用率达到了100%,看看究竟是什么进程的原因吧,一看,竟然是 rundll32.exe,可是,我发现对它真的是很陌生,不过我还是向往常一样结束进程,可是不管用,于是上网搜搜,发现一个,说的很复杂,可是我只进行一步就解决了 那就是,关掉Explorer.exe这个进程,然后

The Rundll32.exe is the critical process in Windows, disabling it may affect the system stability. So, if you are facing the Windows Host Process rundll32 consuming high disk or CPU resources, then you should immediately follow any of the mentioned methods

15/6/2018 · rundll32.exe,rundll32.exe用于在内存中运行DLL文件,它们会在应用程序中被使用。这个程序对你系统的正常运行是非常重要的。注意:rundl132.exe和rundll32.exe相似。但是rundl132.exe是W32.Miroot.Worm病毒。该病毒允许攻击者访问你的计算机,窃取密码和个人

rundll32.exe: This process along with Rundll allow a user to trigger functions exporter from a 16 or 32 bit Dynamic-link library (DLL). Originally these utilities were only designed for Microsoft’s internal use however they were made available to the public due to their

19/12/2014 · The rundll32.exe file runs and distributes various DLL libraries within the memory of the file system. This process is considered a command line application and runs the core functions within the file itself. The file has two versions – a 16-bit and a 32-bit DLL file.


When rundll32.exe becomes corrupted or infected by Trojan, you will get rundll32.exe missing or not found error, high CPU usage and application programs can’t open. To make rundll32.exe problems repaired and prevent future errors, you can Check if there are

3/11/2017 · Hi, I found my high CPU being used to 50% by rundll32.exe invagent,RunUpdate -noappraiser QwarAFRPWUiri4M6.4 which from Win 7/8 reports appears to be sthg to do with the Customer Experience

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15/6/2011 · Hi there. I got a problem, i got two rundll32.exe processes, but one when i’m start games, and other, goes crazy and using 50% of my CPU. I got windows 7 two days! And why this proces is not automaticialy killed when i shutdown game? After shutting down game

18/5/2019 · Here’s a fix for the dreaded rundll32 running up the CPU at 100% when starting certain games or making you have to double click twice just to start

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1. 敘述問題: 最近在電腦閒置的時候,從GOOGLE桌面發現CPU使用率突然衝到50% 打開工作管理員後,看到Rundll32.exe這程式莫名佔了CPU50% 而且它是來自”使用者”,而不是”SYSTEM”。當我把它關掉之後過,沒多久又會再出現 然後在檔案總管中搜尋

Hi, In IE7, as I do a “Deleta All” browsing History, a progress dialog box is shown. After some time the progress dialog box disappears but I find that the history is still not cleared. Also, a Rundll32 process appear in task manager which takes 100% CPU usage.

rundll32.exe 프로세스 rundll32.exe 는 Microsoft Corporation 에서 제공하는 [필수] 프로세스 입니다. rundll32.exe 는 주로 독립적으로 실행할 수 없는dll 등의 라이브러리를 실행시켜 줍니다. 절대 지워서는 안 되는 프로그램 입니다.

29/5/2017 · Windows host process Rundll32 in task manager shows 4% cpu usage and 3 mb/s disk acitivity for an extended period. It slows down my pc, upgraded from Windows 7. Why is this and what is it doing? Maybe it’s no big deal, or maybe that’s normal. Just

14/11/2019 · 發現 rundll32.exe 跑不停,有時吃滿cpu 90% 有時候吃23% ! 但是cpu使用率都是99% , 本來以為是病毒, 但是抓不到! 經過爬文 , 決定用 Process Explorer 去看看這個rundll.exe 到底再跑啥 實在不知道原來w7 的系統裡有這個 game開頭的東東 ..

Windows işletim sisteminde görev yöneticisini açtığınızda Rundll32.exe işlemi ile karşılaşmış ne Rundll32.exe nedir?Rundll32.exe ne işe yarar? diye merak etmiş olabilirsiniz. Bu çözüm Windows işletim sisteminde Rundll32.exe dosyasının görevini, Rundll32.exe virüs mü değil mi? sorularının cevabını vermeyi hedeflemektedir.

10/1/2014 · CPU就被占滿了,對他點右鍵:開啟檔案位置, 都會指向同一個檔案:C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe, 看似很正常可是他的的確確塞爆了我的SPU avast!開機掃瞄掃瞄過了, 安全模式下SPYHUNTER也掃瞄過了,iClean也是,還有AdwCleaner 而且

CPU使用率100%の原因がrundll32.exe? 最近PC(Windows7、Corei7、メモリ8G)を購入したのですが、ノートンのウイルスチェック、スカイプ以外は特に何も実行していないのにCPU使用率100%という警告表示が出てしまいます。PCのス

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Rundll32.exe is usually located at \Windows\System32\rundll32.exe and its usual size is 36,864 bytes. Sometimes it’s called Windows host process (Rundll32). The rundll32.exe process is a command line utility and it performs its embedded functions

Der Task-Manager / Process Explorer und der MS-Ressourcen-Monitor zeigen am Process rundll32.exe stets eine CPU-Auslastung von im Mittel 49% an. Könnte mir jemand helfen, dass meine CPU

When I want to start my Vanilla WoW or TBC WoW client, they won’t start on the first attempt. Taskmanager shows that a “rundll32.exe” and a “WoW” process are running. If I then try to start WoW again, then a second “WoW” process is created and it works fine.

rundll32.exeがユーザー名で常駐しています。 rundll32.exeがユーザー名で常駐しています。googleデスクトップのガジェットで音楽を流しているだけなのにCPUが100%近くなるのでタスクマネージャーをみてみると、rundll32.exe

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楼主重装了win10过后第二天出现这个问题,求解了无数专业人士都无果,特此请教。附图。 [图片] 用了processexplorer 发现是这种 [图片] [图片] 请问这是后台运行的什么进程导致的?题主也是电脑小白。 另:题主重启过很多次~ 且除了浏览器什么占用CPU的程序也没开,是不是挺无辜的?

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What is rundll32.exe from Microsoft? rundll32.exe is part of Windows host process (Rundll32). Find out what rundll32.exe is doing on your PC, and if it is safe and stable, detailed performance information and how to remove it. Process – rundll32.exe is an instance of a running program. rundll32.exe is an instance of a running program.

Es wird über rundll32.exe Prozess ausgeführt den man, wenn man schnell genug ist kurz bevor sich der Trojaner lädt im Task-Manager abschießen kann. Rundll32 wird von Windows zum Verwenden von .dll-Dateien benötigt. Allerdings sorgt es manchmal zu


For that reason, Rundll32.exe rarely causes any problems, although some users noticed an unusually high CPU usage used by the process, or several instances of it running. Although rare, these unusual symptoms might indicate malware infection that can

23/4/2012 · How to remove rundll32 virus manually Open your Task Manager and stop viral rundll32.exe process. You can detect it by the high usage of CPU (ranging from 40% to 100%); Open Registry Editor, by pressing Win+R buttons and typing regedit in the line. Then

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19/1/2007 · 是 rundll32.exe 那兩個帳的很像兩個l的”l1″前面是英文”l”後面是數字”1″要注意 可以用WINDOWS的收尋找”rundll32.exe”然後用掃毒掃他 並刪除 如果刪不了 就記下路徑 重開機案F8 把他刪掉 P.S. 我是用卡巴斯基刪的^^!!